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NCIAI Membership Options

NCIAI offers three membership options. Learn more about each membership type below.

Associate Membership


Annual Fee

All reputable persons, fully or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the forensic sciences, who are not qualified for Active Membership, are hereby eligible to become Associate Members.  They shall, in all respects, be subject to the same rules, fees, and charges and entitled to the same rights and privileges as Active Members, except that they shall not be entitled to election to the offices of Vice President or President.

Active Membership


Annual Fee

The active membership of the Association shall consist of persons actively engaged as an examiner, analyst, practitioner or supervisor in the forensic sciences.  Active Members shall not lose their status because of retirement or change of position, so long as they remain in good standing, and they may hold office.  All Active Members shall be entitled to one (1) vote with respect to each matter presented to the membership of the NCIAI for a vote.

Student Membership


Annual Fee

All reputable persons who are attending a university, college, or community college taking courses in any of the various phases of the science of forensic identification and investigation who are not qualified for Active or Associate Membership are hereby eligible to become Student Members. They shall not have a right to vote or hold office, but they shall be entitled to the floor of the Conference or other deliberative assemblies of said Conference. They shall pay dues in the amount of one-half that imposed on Active and Associate members and must provide proof of enrollment in a university, college, or community college.

Membership Benefits

MEETINGS - The association produces a two to three day training conference once each year. The semi-annual education conferences provide an outstanding opportunity to personally establish effective professional (and personal) working relationships with others engaged in the field.

PUBLICATIONS - The association’s newsletter is our website The website contains articles about recent developments in techniques and instrumentation – as well as general articles concerning various aspects of forensic science. Members are informed of meetings, seminars, jobs and information concerning the activities of members.


STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS - Student members have the opportunity to network and learn from forensic professionals who are actively working in the field. Student members have the ability to apply for the NCIAI Scholarship and are kept abreast of the latest job openings in the state.

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